U of O Campus Management

The secret to Campus Management is that Jennings Group is a Part of the U of O campus fabric. We suit up and show up on Campus every opportunity we get. We take part in on-Campus events such as the Housing Fairs, the Best of Campus event. We also attend any other campus community meeting that the University may sponsor.

In addition to Craigslist and Google Search marketing, we use many of products offered by the Emerald Media Group. These include campus poster, handing out flyers, sponsoring newspaper pick up boxes, print ads and special publications. We compete very well with and against the super large campus projects run by national companies. Perhaps the most critical element of JG success on campus is that we treat our student residents with the same level of service and personal consideration as we do any of our properties, residents or clients. We never bought into the idea that campus properties are difficult to manage because of “the students”. In fact, student oriented properties are not difficult to manage at all. The work is a little different, that’s all. Students, do not commonly leave property dirty or in disrepair. Most commonly our students receive a refund of a large portion of their security deposits. We believe that we have a great company reputation on campus.

In February 2018 JG hired 9 additional summer employees in order that they could receive several months of training prior to the summer campus season starting in June.

Our residents and prospective residents have people they can easily talk to.

Our office is conveniently located for campus with plenty of off street parking.

Our larger properties have advertising budgets independent of smaller JG properties. We have a solution in order to give our smaller properties the advertising clout of the larger ones… at an affordable cost. We bundle our properties together to market as a large block with Owners paying a relatively small prorated fee. Once the prospective tenant is attracted to the JG office, the site or our website… each individual property is clearly marketing as a separate entity.

We have achieved very nearly 100% campus occupancy the past 3 years.

Campus Property Management Services include:

  • Professional leasing
  • Thorough Resident Screening at no expense to the property
  • 24-Hour Emergency Maintenance Services
  • Multiple Detailed Accounting Reports
  • Efficient Communication
  • Outstanding Tenant Services
  • A professional Landlord/Tenant relationship
  • Outstanding customer service to owners residents and community
  • Experienced, professional marketing teamto quickly fill vacancies
  • Extensive use and management of internet and electronic media advertising sources
  • Market research, budgeting and performance analysis
  • Automatic cash handling available for online rent payments, owner disbursements and rental application processing
  • Professionally trained in current Landlord Tenant Laws and the Federal Fair Housing Act
  • Thorough resident screening and regular reporting to credit agencies to promote faster rent collection
  • Prompt monthly accounting statements and operating reports delivered via email, including access to prior month and prior year financial information
  • 24/7 staffed emergency maintenance