Real Estate Consulting Services

As many firms labor to just cover the basics of property management; the Partners of Jennings Group are often able to stand above the daily fray to consider and study broader questions. The most obvious questions relate to how Jennings Group might provide ever improving services to our clients and residents. But, equally important is to ask how your real estate investment might perform at a higher level. Darren, Sarah, Elizabeth and Kent together bring over 115 years of property management, sales, development and lease up experience to the table when considering the best outcomes for our clients.

Most often this experience is applied to our portfolio of properties as a part of our Management Agreement. However, we also offer our consulting services for projects beyond the scope of normal management. This includes offering consulting services to clients who may not yet have property under Jennings Group Management.

While we all have a wide breadth of experience in the field of property management; we each bring an emphasis based on our current work. Darren focuses on all aspects of commercial property management, leasing and sales. This includes sales of residential income properties. Sarah is in charge of most of our residential apartment and single-family portfolio. She has several Portfolio Managers, as well as, a large staff at her disposal. Elizabeth has had a 30-year career in property management as a Portfolio and Business Manager. Today she is the General Manager of Jennings Group. As one might imagine a management company with over 70 employees and 2,500 units has a lot of moving parts and pieces. Elizabeth makes everything happen smoothly. Kent has certainly done just about everything over the past 46 years in the business. Specialization is a relatively new idea in a small market town like Eugene. Today Kent enjoys working on larger rehabilitation and development projects. He also services as the Portfolio Manager for a few of these projects.

At Jennings Group we understand and offer so much more than the basics of Property Management. Of course, to make this claim, one first has to do the basics of Property Management extremely well. We do.