Buy or Sell Houses or Duplex

Adam Reid and Scott Harwood are Pacific Northwest natives. They came to Eugene for education and both ended up staying after being exposed to Eugene’s undeniable charm.

Honesty and integrity, along with determination and dedication, are philosophies that Adam and Scott strive for in all aspects of their lives. Applying these principles to business comes naturally and is part of what made joining the team at Jennings a perfect fit.

They both love talking to people about real estate. Whether you’re currently renting and want to know what steps to take or you are buying another investment property, they want to help.

So give them a call today. You’re probably closer to buying a home than you think, and Adam and Scott want to help.


Two very special boys.

Elaine Warren (Adam Reid’s Grandmother)

The most handsomest Realtors around.

Janice Harwood (Scott Harwood’s Mother)