We are proud to be featured in Homes for Good Landlord Quarterly: Winter Edition.

Landlord Limelight:
A Socially Distanced Interview with Jacy Price
Resident Manager for Jennings Group
As a valued partner, Jennings Group provides housing to many Lane County residents, including Homes for Good program participants. Jennings Group has shown an aptitude in collaborating with Homes for Good through a willingness to engage in proactive communication and by attending ongoing educational seminars. This active partnership is evidenced by the proactive communication continually exhibited by Jennings Group Resident Manager, Jacy Price.
Tell me a little bit about the Jennings Group.
Jennings Group, Inc. is located at 1670 High St. in Eugene and has an ever-growing portfolio of over 2,500 residential units. We work with many different organizations including Homes for Good, to help keep people housed.
What sets Jennings Group apart from other Property Managers? 
Jennings Group, Inc. is far more than just a property management company with the way they care for their tenants, clients, vendors, and employees – they have made this a family.  
The respect, integrity, intelligence, and understanding that is demonstrated on a daily basis in this ever-changing industry and the appreciation and compassion for our entire clientele is beyond measure.   At any given time, Jennings Group, Inc. goes above and beyond the call of duty and what is expected from a property management company. 
We make each and every individual feel welcome, valued, and heard. Our continuous determination for change of what it is fair and right for all, has greatly impacted the standards for others. This is what sets Jennings Group, Inc. apart from any other company, it’s who they are and what they stand for.  This is why I am more than proud of being a part of the Jennings Group, Inc. family.
How long have you been working in the property management industry?
I have been working for Jennings Group, Inc. and in the property management industry for 7 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
What is your favorite part?
The best and favorite part for me, which I know I share with many others, is seeing the joy, excitement, and even sense of relief when individuals get keys to their first, in-between, or even their last home. In knowing they have a place to raise and be a family, have a roof over their head despite any hurdles or struggles they may have gone through get here, and be happy knowing it is going to be a well maintained and greatly managed place to call home. 
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